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Mixed messaging?

While dashing around my local village picking up some Christmas presents with my son, I took him into The Tea Terrace to escape the frenzy.

The concept appears to be Alice in Wonderland meets a princess fairytale. As weird and far fetched as this is.. I get it. There is always time to walk away from this dreary weather into a fairytale serving tea in quaint English tea cups at a table with tall pink Queen Anne style chairs and floral tablecloths.. For some people anyway. BUT, what threw me, is why our drinks were served by a robot in a grey wig and a tiara.

All of a sudden, the concept appears convoluted. Im confused, I had half expected the Mad Hatter, Elsa or at least Olaf but a humanoid with grey hair and a tiara!

Ignoring the fundamental performance flaws (waitress (a real one) placed drinks on tray and table)), I wonder how far businesses are prepared to go to combat the threat to the high street and safeguard their future by implementing overcomplicated technology, while in this case, compromising their brand values.

Is this a case of first to the post creates a memorable additional attraction to bring people through the door or an expensive gimmick that will never recoup the initial investment?

It's easy for brand values to become diluted, and this creates a very real risk of losing loyal customers. It is crucial to create an environment that reflects the brand positioning and can grow the equity of the brand, not devalue it.

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