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Store design and branding is at the heart of what we do. We feed our creatives on shopper behaviour information before we set them loose. Whether you are looking to boost in-store presence with eye catching POS, develop product categorisation systems or design a retail space, we have worked with global healthcare, consumer electronics giants alongside small new product launches successfully delivering premium solutions on time and on budget.



Real Techniques asked us to design, build and install a pop up store for a new product launch press event in Soho. We 2 weeks from brief to installation and we not only completed it to a high standard but we are also shortlisted for the best pop up store at the Creative retail awards in 2019.

Customers entered via a fully branded window dressing and were then guided through an engaging makeup experience with floating displays, make up stations, IG tables flatlays and photobooths and a pick n mix station of products.

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Consumer behaviour

In these challenging and unpredictable times, it's important to understand how customers will change their buying habits.

Over the last 10 years we have worked closely with a global healthcare retailer to help analyse what triggers certain buying patterns, when and how shoppers are influenced into buy or not to buy decisions.

The future looks very uncertain for bricks and mortar retail but with accurate forecasting and service measures implemented retail can recover and provide shoppers an environment that will counterbalance the forces that threaten retail.



Interactive retail is a great way to engage with clients and get them to think about retail stores as more than just places to buy particular products.


Interactive retail about reminding shoppers that the store isn't just a place to buy things, it's a place to experience things. Once shoppers begin to associate a retailer with positive experiences, they're inevitably more likely to buy something from there as well.

Contact us for more information on:

  • Digitised visual branding

  • Interactive digital tables

  • iBeacon technology

  • QR codes

  • Gaming windows and interactive changing rooms

  • Multimedia displays

  • Interactive in store displays

  • multi-sensory interaction

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